New to this Wiki? No Problem!

Aaron9999's Test Wiki led by Aaron himself, is a wiki to test certain stuffs that you need test, help with coding, and learn how to do those stuffs by yourself. I don't really know much because I am getting started but it is what I heard from Aaron, so I am telling you guys now!


Needing Help

I wanted music on my user page on the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki. Aaron helped me test the music by putting it on my user page in this wiki, Lets say if you needed help with something, do not be afraid to ask Aaron. He will be happy to help you with any issues/problems. There are other admins that you can contact as well, Me, Thomas MacwreckerEdward Mctimbers, and GeneralWarhawk.


When going on chat, please be respectful, don't cause drama, insult, or anything that's not acceptable. Continuing to do so will subject a kick/ban. If someone is doing somethong wrong and there's no admin available on chat, please send the admin a message through message wall to deal with the situtation. 


Testing/Coding is not All!

This wiki is not about testing stuffs or coding. You can do whatever you want, post any screenshots you like, edit your user page about yourself, make a blog, DO SOMETHING! The wiki is here for you. 

Thanks for communiting with us in Aaron's Wiki!